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AURA INSIGHTS---(formerly Rainbow Reflections of the Soul)

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Enlightenment Card Readings

The Enlightenment Deck is a wonderful deck for guiding and uncovering potentials and opportunities for growth in your life. Based upon Chuck Spezzano's belief that our mind and heart can be blocked or trapped, the cards are divided into two sets: traps and healings. These sets allow you to see and perceive your issues from another perspective, which can trigger transformationsal experiences, or, really amazing moments.
The Cards themselves are thoughtfully illustrated in pleasing archetypes and patterns that most can identify with, offering symbolism and metaphors that are meaningful. The trap cards help to identify hidden, or subconscious motivations which tend to keep us in cycles, and patterns of cycles, that hinder our road to happiness. The healing cards can be used to transcend the traps we create and remove blocks to create flow in our lives. There are a variety of readings that can be beneficial using the Enlightenment Deck.......

The Three Card Problem Solving Spread--This reading will show you the hidden root of any issue, the ways to heal it, and the gift that results from your attention. Takes about 15 minutes.
The Chakra Reading Spread--This reading looks at your major energy centers and is beneficial in pointing out what you came in with (born with) and where you are in relation to that. About a half hour reading.
The Relationship Spread--This reading takes a look at where things are flowing smoothly, and where they are not, for each of you in the relationship--whether it be a love partner or a business partner, friend, child, etc. If you are not in a relationship, but wish to be, it helps you to find out what is going on with your potential partner so you can energetically help them accomplish things they need to before you are able to meet. I've found this to be incredibly helpful for people. About a half hour.
The Family Spread--This is a reading that looks at the larger dynamic of the family-your current one or the one you were born into. It takes the family as a group and looks at the purpose in incarnating together as well as each person's contribution. Issues and resolutions can be brought to light and guidance offered to offer healing to any situation.
Half an hour or more.
The Purpose Reading--This reading is to shed light, awareness, and understanding on the purpose of various situations. You can be simply checking up on how you are doing in accordance to your life's purpose, or the purpose of a specific issue or time period.
20-30 minutes.
The Soul Reading--An in-depth reading; this reading shows you where the challenges have been, and/or are, in your life starting with what you came in with and evolving to your mastery. This reading can show the dynamics at work at each level, as well as the path of healing these challenges. 20-30 minutes.

Readings are $1 per minute. I also read Tarot Cards. Have a Tarot/Enlightenment Card Party!

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