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AURA INSIGHTS---(formerly Rainbow Reflections of the Soul)

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Want to get involved in a very cool research project?

Ever since I've bought my aura camera I have been interested in taking Aura Photos before an energy session, and again afterwards. In fact, the first two photos I took when the camera arrived at my home were before and after photos of a friend doing a short Tai Chi session! I have started doing a research project involving before and after Reiki sessions with a group of people that have a session once a month and have committed to doing this 12 times over the year. By being involved in the project, they get an incredibly discounted rate on the whole package! For instance, get the two photos with an hour-long Reiki session for only $100 instead of $130! If you are interested, get in touch!

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Taking Aura Photos throughout New England, and the U.S.!