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AURA INSIGHTS---(formerly Rainbow Reflections of the Soul)

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Color Meanings

All attributes associated with the following colors may not pertain to your reading. Color placement and intensity give me clues as to how the color meaning pertains to you.

Red - assertive, well grounded, full of vitality, courageous, leadership possibilities, passionate, a practical idealist, displays appropriate anger
Orange- creative, has integrity, generous, social, empowering, a promoter/networker
Yellow- joyful, optimistic, inspired, intellectual, empowering
Green- nurturing, healing, growth, abundance, harmonious, balanced, decisive, appreciate nature
Blue- teacher, wisdom, higher spiritual knowledge, healing, effective communicator, peaceful, caring
Violet- intuitive, sensitive, selfless service, potential for spiritual attainment
White- cleansing, purifying, illuminating, flexiblility,white orbs within the aura are reflective of Spirit Guides
For more detailed explanations of color meanings within actual photos go to my blog:

The above listed meanings are obviously positive attributes associated with the colors. All colors have various levels of meaning; you may find the opposite qualities will be more pertinent . For example a muddy red could indicate depression or exhaustion rather than a clear red indicating a vital personality.

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