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AURA INSIGHTS---(formerly Rainbow Reflections of the Soul)

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Upcoming Events/Schedule

Ramona will be at the following venues:

March 30-MINDBODYSPIRIT Expo at the Radisson in Burlington, I am always straight out at this event, so, CALL ME at 802-673-9471 if you'd like an appointment! May 4--A very cool event in Maine where Donna Jutras-Tobey and I are offering Before and After photos along with her singing bowl sessions! $125 for the package, call me for more information, 802-673-9471. JUNE 14, 15, and 16th--I'll be at the Annual Dowser's Convention, taking place in NY this year. If you'd like more information on the Dowser's convention in general, look at their at this venue are likely to be $35, but the cost isn't determined for sure yet, it may be more than that.....

When you are calling for an appointment, please ask for the photo price as it does vary according to the venue. Some stores charge $35 or $40 per photo. I now have to charge $35 even out of my home as the film for this camera is not going to be manufactured, and what there is still out there available to buy is very pricey. Modifications on my camera will be made, hopefully in the coming year, by my camera company.
Check for other upcoming events; more bookings are in the works!

Taking Aura Photos throughout New England, and the U.S.!