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AURA INSIGHTS---(formerly Rainbow Reflections of the Soul)

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We live surrounded by color! Yet few see or can imagine the colors that are visible in your aura which is the energy field surrounding your physical body. Now, by having your photo taken, you can visibly see you personal colors on film!

Looking at your aura photo, you can tell what new energies are coming in for you, so that you can take advantage by making beneficial choices for your future. Next, we can explore the vibration of your soul energy, this is the color that best exemplifies your personality traits and can offer offer insights into career and other important life choices. We can also look as to what energy you are emitting, in other words, "How do people really see you?"
Other insights that we can glean from your photo may be such things as spirit guides and information on how you are communicating with others.
    "Ramona's service can give you insight into your true nature and perhaps give you that extra nudge or affirmation you need to pursue your true desires."  J. Schwartz
    "Having our aura photos done was a blast! My daughters and I each had our aura photo done individually, and then all together. Ramona then explained to us how our energies told us about ourselves, how our energies interacted, and how they affected one another. Ramona's insight was fun, informative, and enlighted. Incredible!"  W. Doherty
    "Ramona's explanation of my aura photo helped me put two and two together to understand what experiences are happening in my life."  Fred Lorman


PRICES: (depending on location)

Aura Photos with Interpretation: $35-$45

"Before and After" Photos (2 photos, same person): $80

Pet Aura Photo with Interpretation: $45

Interactive/Chakra Aura Sessions:
15 minute session, 2-3 page report with 1 image: $35
30 minute session, 2-3 page report with 1 image: $45
15 minute session, 5-8 page report with 3 images: $45
30 minute session, 5-8 page report with 3 images: $55

Hold an Aura Party and with 12 paid photos, you get the 13th FREE! Prices and minimum amount of participants vary according to how far I have to travel, but usually the photo cost is $35. I am happy to give a 20-30 minute talk about aura photos and explain sample aura photos before taking the participants photos--the whole thing is LOTS OF FUN!!

Commit to having an energy session with Ramona once a month for a year, and have before and after photos taken each time! It's amazing to be able to see the differences! Ramona offers the energy work for this at 1/2 price so this is a big savings over a year's time! Example: 2 photos at $80, plus an hour of Reiki at $30 (instead of $60) for $110 a month, you save $360 over the year! Take a look at my facebook page as I start to show one woman's journey over the past six months, and into the next 6 months!

Ramona hasn't written in her blog for quite some time (!) but there are examples of before and after photos there as well!

About Ramona
 Ramona, the former owner of a new-age store, The Whirling Dervish in West Lebanon, NH, has been taking aura photos for over 24 years. She is always learning more about color meanings and is currently learning about using color in healing. In addition to aura photography, she does  past-life regressions, Enlightenment card readings, tarot readings, reiki, and works with tachyon energy, and NOW, Colorpuncture Sessions!
Check out Ramona's new blog, where different sets of before and after aura photos are interpreted each week!
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I am willing to barter!
These are some things I'm interested in:  firewood, raw organic honey, maple syrup, fresh vegetables, massage, house cleaning and yardwork, housepainting and scraping, learning more about computer "stuff" and MORE! Just ask to see if your offering is something I need!!

Ramona Nault, Aura Insights
by phone: cell, 802-673-9471, 802-239-1368
my address:   752 Wheeler Mountain Road
                         Barton, VT 05822

Taking Aura Photos throughout New England, and the U.S.!